Why choose Academic English Editing?

Our clients get better grades and they get published because we provide:

  • comprehensive editing and comments. Unlike most editors, we don't just proofread your paper for obvious grammatical errors (unless that's all you need). We also thoroughly critique your paper and provide comments about things that you need to rethink. We check for grammar, style, word choice, organization, logic, and flow; we address all issues in your writing.
  • the best value. Our rates are unmatched for the level of service we provide.
  • a price guarantee. Our bill never exceeds our estimate by more than 20%.
  • a fast turnaround time. We can usually return a short paper within 24 hours and a longer paper within a few days. Rush service is available.
  • support for APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard Blue Book, and other formats, and we work with both US and UK English.

Additionally, you can learn from us. We use a method that enables you to see and learn from our suggested changes. To have us edit your paper, or to get a free estimate and a sample of our work on your paper, email it to us at editor@academicenglishediting.com or click here and attach your paper.

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