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First things firstly? When numbering the points you will make.

There is a widespread view, not unanimous, that “first, secondly, thirdly” is preferable to “firstly,” and to “first, second, third,” when enumerating independent clauses that can stand alone as sentences, which makes them grammatically like verbs and not nouns, because… Continue Reading →

What kind of college or university should I go to?

In the United States, there are many colleges and universities and they are of different kinds. It is worth knowing about this before considering which schools to apply to. First, there is the research university, which is often large and… Continue Reading →

What’s in a pronominal name? On gender politics and English pronouns

When it comes to gender, there is no good solution to the problem that seems to many people to be posed by the fact that in the English language there is no gender-neutral third person singular pronoun. This problem is… Continue Reading →

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