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How do you write a good scholarly essay in English? Elements of argumentative writing

How do you write a good scholarly essay in English?  Elements of argumentative writing Scholarly essays are argumentative.  In the English-speaking world, this fact is generally quite explicit.  It’s as if the writer were selling you something, in a special market… Continue Reading →

Grammar does not exist, only good writing

Grammar does not exist, only good writing As professional editors, we can say tell you that the very idea of grammar, that is, the idea that a language has rules that govern proper speaking, is false.  From a literary standpoint, it is perhaps a… Continue Reading →

What’s in a pronominal name? On gender politics and English pronouns

When it comes to gender, there is no good solution to the problem that seems to many people to be posed by the fact that in the English language there is no gender-neutral third person singular pronoun. This problem is… Continue Reading →

“How do I learn to write well in English (or any language)?

To improve your writing in any language, including a second language, there are two general and simple rules: 1) Read a lot. 2) Write regularly. What to write and how much? We suggest setting aside between 15 and 30 minutes… Continue Reading →

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