Academic English Editing has clients at Yale, Columbia, Stanford, University of Chicago, University of California at Berkeley, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, New York University, The New School for Social Research, the European Commission, and numerous colleges, universities, institutions, and businesses throughout the world. Here’s what some people have to say about Academic English Editing(TM) and Editor-in-Chief William Heidbreder:

I can’t thank William enough for his editorial advice and intelligent suggestions while working as editor of my doctoral dissertation. As a non-native English writer I needed a lot of help and he often gave it. He went beyond the merely stylistic issues to comment usefully on substantive ones. With his knowledge of the social theories that were at the basis of my dissertation, he was able to make pointed comments and useful suggestions.
—Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Fulbright Fellow, Guatemala

In a short time, William has helped me to dramatically improve my speaking and listening skills as well as my grammar and my writing, helping me to write English essays that are better thought-out, better organized, more colorful and stylish, and, of course, more correct.  —Prospective Graduate Student at Rutgers from Korea

William has edited, always in a timely manner, a large variety of documents for me, including annual research reports, scientific overviews, and project proposals; as well as theoretical modeling approaches on socio-economic sustainability, environmental pollution, global partnership and good governance. He is thorough, and provides sharp, analytical comments on conceptual issues as well as matters of grammar and style. 
—Environmental and Health Sciences Consultant, European Commission, Brussels

I would like to thank William for his very careful editing of my doctoral dissertation for NYU Law School. He made my task a lot easier, because as I came to know that he would correct all of my many grammar and syntax mistakes, and could also help with certain translation issues, I became less self-conscious and it was easier for me to write. His numerous and detailed comments taught me a lot about the English language, and his interest in my subject-matter and his very proactive attitude toward my dissertation made him a very insightful interlocutor.
—Assistant Professor of Law, Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Rio de Janeiro

I do not know how I can thank you enough!! In addition to the thorough corrections, your comments and critiques were extremely helpful. You helped me think about a lot of what I wrote in new ways…Thank you thank you thank you. 
—Honors Student in English, Johns Hopkins University

William not only edited my essay with great care but made extensive comments, which were extremely helpful. Besides his intimate knowledge of the details of English prose style, he was also able to spot and correct numerous translation errors due to my thinking partly in my mother language. He was able to provide many helpful comments and suggestions for my essay in political theory. And he is affordable, despite the high value of the dollar in my country.
—Graduate Student in Political Science, Brazil